DAFCOCHIM Agro | Exporter, importer and distributor of chemical products for agriculture

Certified Distributor

of the largest brands of plant protection products in the world , offering the full range of chemical products: herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers and complex nitrogen.

Business Model

by the way we approach the farmers, by trusted business relations, by the friendly manner we treat the farmers and most importantly by exceptional products.

About us

Founded in 1994, SC Dafcochim SRL main activity is chemicals trade. Exporter, importer and distributor of many prestigious national and international companies, our company is one of the major players in the industrial chemicals market and also in the chemical products for agriculture.


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We are always open for cooperation with partners who share our values and who want to achieve excellence in the field of chemicals.

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Choose us whether you are looking for a distributor for a particular brand of chemicals or you want to become a distributor of our brands in other areas.