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20 years of experience in the chemical industry

Since its establishment, our company has specialized in the trade of industrial chemicals. Traded products are used primarily in the production of chemical fertilizers, pulp and paper factories, plants for chlor-alkali products, glassworks and ceramics factories. These products can be divided into basic inorganic chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, inorganic acid, soda ash, hydrogen peroxide, inorganic salts and organic chemicals: glycols, polyols, organic acids, organic acid salts, glycerol, monomers organic polystyrene, organic solvents.
The industrial chemicals for water treatment have a particular importance in our range of products. In this sense, we offer complete technical solutions and consumer products for water treatment in the energetic industry, consisting in softening and demineralisation of the water using ion exchange resins, reverse osmosis membranes and chemicals for water treatment.

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